Breast Reduction & Breast Lift

Achieving balance of proportion of the body allows people to focus on you as a whole, and allows you to lead a more active and comfortable lifestyle. Breast reduction can be performed using many different techniques. After careful analysis and consultation, Dr. Redstone can select a technique based on your desired results, creating a proportional and naturally shaped breast.

Sagging of the breast, or ptosis, can occur for many reasons - childbearing, weight loss, or natural aging of the breast tissue - and there are many ways to restore a full, natural, youthful breast. Often this can be done by lifting existing tissue to its original position. If there has been a significant loss of breast volume, a small implant can be placed below the breast tissue at the time of the lift. Dr. Redstone takes the utmost care in providing special attention to symmetry, shape and preservation of nipple sensation.